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Who's behind La Jam Barcelona?
We are Mago & Alba and we are passionate about swing music. We are swing dancers, instructors and Mago even plays some jazz standards with his trumpet.

We’ve been teaching Lindy Hop since 2012 and we always see most of our students improving on technique and moves, but we usually see them struggling with musicality skills. We sometimes miss more dialogue between dancers and musicians when there is a swing party with live music. We’ve also noticed a lot of students would like to know more about Jazz History but usually there is not enough time to develop this topic in class.

If you also think that musicality should be one of the most important things on your swing dancing, if you dream on pushing your limits, if you’d like to learn more about jazz music history, you’ll like La Jam Barcelona. Discover a new way of swing dancing, focused on interpreting music with your whole body and with your partner nor in learning more moves.

We are the organisers of Swim Out Costa Brava festival since 2014, our event has grown over the years and it has given us the background and skills to lead this new project with enthusiasm.

We also love to assist to renowned swing festivals because we are motivated to improve our skills as social dancers and teachers, and since we really enjoy swing dance parties full of people coming from around the world.  We like going to swing dance events because we can discover new cities, but also we have other sources of inspiration concerning events organization. To see this all in real live is always a very enriching experience for both of us, it allows us checking the way every organizer manage his or her festival, discovering  the up and coming dancers in the scene and also listening to amazing swing bands we’ve never had the chance to listen to before.

We are very thankful to Marjorie, Claire, Marine and François-Julien for lightening the flame of this beautiful project in Orléans, and we are thrilled to bring it to our city, Barcelona. Thanks to rely on us and give us the opportunity to take care of La Jam Festival.

Come and enjoy La Jam Barcelona with us!