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Maria Mallan


Lindy hop dancer and instructor, choreographer. It was more than 16 years ago that she discovered dancing and since then she hasn’t stopped; every day at least for 6 hours she dances – giving and preparing classes, practicing, discovering and helping others to explore, as well. She has madly fallen in love with Lindy Hop and her devotion has become stronger through the years. What attracted her the most and still fascinates her in Swing dancing is the freedom this dance allows to the dancer, as much in the individual as in the partner dance, to find their own voice and ways of expression that make each dancer unique.

Even though she feels that knowing the history of Lindy Hop, the most important dancers and the classic moves enable greatly the development and improvement of a dancer and to find their own, individual way of dancing, she does not believe in set aesthetic patterns and norms to live up to and to fulfil. Her strength is musicality and flow. Moreover, a cornerstone of her methodology and dancing is being present in the moment and she tries to emphasize this in every aspect of her dancing and teaching, as well. Maria believes that each dance is vivid and full of life. Being present at the moment gives the opportunity and creates the ability to be open and flexible; to adapt to the music and to the partner at the same time and follow where that moment takes us.