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*Encourage your friends and enjoy La Jam Barcelona paying less,  get the Group Rate and save money. The group rate is available for groups of minimum 10 people of the same association, studio or city and it’s for Full Pass and Party Pass assistants. Choose your group name and write it down on the online registration form.

Assistants registered with Early Bird Rate are considered individual registrations, and will not be computed to be part of a group. If during the registration process you indicated that you belong to a group, but that group has not reached the minimum of 10 people, the Regular Rate will be applied by default, but you can still apply the group rate in the following cases:

a. If you have paid 50% in the registration, during the 30 days to make the second payment, if your group reaches a minimum of 10 people, the discount of the group rate will be applied in the second payment.
b. If after receiving the confirmation email you have 10 days to pay 100% of the amount, during those 10 days if the group reaches the minimum of 10 people, the price with the group discount will be applied automatically.
c. If you paid 100% of the amount, either in the registration process or afterwards, and during the following weeks the group reaches a minimum of 10 people, you would be given the corresponding refund for the difference.

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