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La Jam Barcelona Festival will take place in the Forum District, in Barcelona. It’s a former industrial district that has experienced an intense transformation. The development of new areas and renovation of old factories, tall chimneys and warehouses into new office buildings, lofts and art galleries, has turned it into an extremely dynamic place. It has become one of the most genuine and prolific metropolitan scenarios of Barcelona city, and you will have the seaside very close!

Venues for both parties and classes will be in the same building, La Central del Circ, so it will be much easier for you to find accommodation nearby and move within the neighborhood quickly and comfortably. You will not need to cross the entire city to attend the different activities of the festival. Everything will happen at the Central del Circ: parties, classes, jams, talks, etc… and you will even have spaces during the day to rest, shower, and eat, since we will have food service for both lunch and dinner. with Manduca, a vegetarian and vegan food restaurant.

Parties Venue
La Central del Circ

The Party venue is an open space of 400m2, where we will install parquet, turning this circus training room into a cozy and huge space to enjoy the best parties.

La Central del Circ

Classes Venues
La Central del Circ

All the classes are spaces inside La Central del Circ, so you can spend the whole day there.

La Central del Circ