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Friday Party - Teachers Intro
Band - Carolina Reapers

From 10 PM to 3 AM, this party includes the Teachers Presentation, live music and best dj music selection. Price: €35/person

The Big C (C/Llull 121)

Saturday Party - Battle of Bands
Bands - Carolina Reapers & Swing Shot

From 10 PM to 5 AM, this party includes 1 set of Carolina Reapers, 1 set of Swing Shot and 1 set in a battle of bands format. It also includes the best dj music selection, the Mix & Match Competition Finals and the competitions awards ceremony. Price: €35/person

The Big C (C/Llull 121)

Sunday Party - Dance Battle
Band - Maka & Friends

From 9.30 PM to 2 AM, this party includes a Street Dancers VS Swing Dancers battle and a live music concert by Maka & Friends. If you are an amateur or pro musician, we encourage you to join the band. Price: €25/person

The Big C (C/Llull 121)